Choi Wong @Weird Collage Show, Trondheim



Choi Wong is geselecteerd voor de groepstentoonstelling van de International Weird Collage Show (IWCS) van 18 augustus t/m 18 september 2016. Na succesvolle tentoonstellingen in Barcelona, Berlijn, Madrid, Montreal, San José, Lima en New York maakt IWCS zijn debuut in Trondheim (Noorwegen).

De tentoonstelling is samengesteld door: Ashkan Honarvar, Sylvia Stølan & Max-o-matic.


Choi Wong is selected for the group exhibition of the International Weird Collage Show (IWCS), taking place from 18 August till 18 September 2016. After successful shows in Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Montreal, San José, Lima and New York, this year Trondheim (Norway) will be the host city of IWCS.

Curated by: Ashkan Honarvar, Sylvia Stølan & Max-o-matic.

The exhibition will showcase the cutting edge and diversity of modern day collage with 27 of the best collage artist from Norway and abroad. The show will present a large variety of handmade collage art or “visual poetry “ as Spanish Tv 3 described the work in the Barcelona exhibition.

“One of the most important exhibitions of collage traveling the world” as quoted by Graffica, Spain´s top design site, will be showing works from over the world, mixing old & young generations of collage artists.

IWCS has produced a stream of grass-roots shows and publications, propelling collage out of the shadows to become one of today’s most influential mediums.

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